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A group of pharmacologists led by Dr Barbara Zonta (MSc course director) have visited a local primary school to show Year 6 children how the heart and blood vessels work and how medicines can treat cardiovascular diseases.

About 60 children had the opportunity to see- do- report (and have fun!) by rotating around 6 activity stations. These included exploring heart anatomy with augmented reality and lamb hearts from a local butcher; learning about platelets with slime; measuring and observing heart rate using ECG and more. Children were given a leaflet with key messages to take home and share their experiences with their parents.

Barbara was joined by 13 MSc, 3 DPhil students, Dr Laurence Silpa, Dr Sam Bose and Associate Professor Paolo Tammaro.

The School Headteacher wrote: "I just wanted to add a huge thank you for this fantastic experience. Year 6s reported to me that this was their favourite part of Science week - please pass on my gratitude to the team.

This initiative is part of the Department long term commitment to engage with the public and show the importance (and marvel!) of how medicine works.