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Dr Kerstin Timm in the Department of Pharmacology has been announced as one of the latest round of PIs to secure an AMS Springboard Award. The AMS Springboard award is highly competitive and is intended for new independent researchers in biomedical sciences, who have been in their role for less than 4 years and have not received more than £150,000 in grant money. The Springboard award thus allows new PIs to launch a new independent program of research, and awards are made for up to £100,000 over 2 years.

Dr Timm will use the award to procure an Oroboros FluoRespirometer, for high resolution respirometry in mitochondria, cells and permeabilised tissue fibres. The Oroboros can also simultaneously measure ROS production, mitochondrial membrane potential and calcium concentration. The technology will be used to underpin in vivo metabolic imaging results from chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity models with ex vivo comprehensive analysis of mitochondrial function.

Having the Oroboros FluoRespirometer in house will allow Dr Timm to start Oxford-wide and external collaborations. Seven PIs across Oxford supported Dr Timm's AMS application, including PIs involved in neurometabolism, immunometabolism and diabetes.