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Cyclosporin A appears to act on type I diabetes. In rats it alters glucose digestion. The present study provides a more detailed analysis of the influence of this substance on certain aspects of carbohydrate metabolism. The data reveal that CSA increases the glycogen in the liver and muscle but reduces the amount in the heart. Blood sugar was also significantly increased but only after the third dose of CSA. While these preliminary results clearly show that CSA has an effect on carbohydrate metabolism they do not indicate whether is the drug itself or one of the hormones that usually influence carbohydrate exchange which has this effect.


Journal article


Minerva Med

Publication Date





447 - 449


Animals, Blood Glucose, Cyclosporins, Fasting, Glycogen, Heart, Lactates, Lactic Acid, Liver Glycogen, Male, Muscles, Myocardium, Pyruvates, Pyruvic Acid, Rats, Time Factors