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The ready construction of 24 stereochemically and functionally diverse carbohydrate ligand structures from a core D-glucosamine scaffold has allowed the evaluation of broad ranging structure activity relationships in ligand accelerated zincate additions to aldehydes, with variations in deltadeltaG+/+(R-S) of up to 5650 J mol(-1) that create opposing senses of asymmetric induction and that are consistent with models based on several ligand X-ray structures and molecular mechanics analysis. Factorial analysis of enantioselectivity using key dihedral angles and steric volume on N-2 also highlight the potential for the use of factorial design in ligand construction.

Original publication




Journal article


Org Biomol Chem

Publication Date





3826 - 3838


Aldehydes, Carbohydrates, Catalysis, Structure-Activity Relationship, Zinc