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Compds. of general formula I (wherein X and X' are independently O, S(O)q, (un)substituted NH, or (un)substituted CH2; q = 0-2; Y and Y' are independently O, S, (un)substituted NH, or (un)substituted CH2; and A and A' are independently H or a substituent) with antimicrobial activity are claimed, as are compns. comprising such compds., methods of treatment employing such compds., and processes for their prepn. The compns. are pharmaceutical compns., veterinary compns., disinfectant compns., or agrochem. compns. for treating fungal pathogens on plants. Example compd. II was prepd. by reacting ammonium carbamate with S-methylisothiourea to give amidinocarbamic acid that was subsequently reacted with ethylchloroformate to give II. In bioactivity testing, II exhibited antibacterial activity with little or no detrimental effect on fungi or human cell lines. [on SciFinder(R)]




prepn dioxopiperazine compd antimicrobial treatment plant animal disinfectant dioxopiperazine compd