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Novel Anti-Acanthamoebic Activities of Irosustat and STX140 and Their Nanoformulations

Journal article

Siddiqui R. et al, (2023), Antibiotics, 12, 561 - 561

Effects of clozapine-N-oxide and compound 21 on sleep in laboratory mice.

Conference paper

Traut J. et al, (2023), Elife, 12

Endolysosomal TPCs regulate social behavior by controlling oxytocin secretion.

Journal article

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Preface. Endolysosomal calcium signalling.

Journal article

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Intracellular chloride regulation mediates local sleep pressure in the cortex.

Journal article

Alfonsa H. et al, (2022), Nat Neurosci

High resolution optical mapping of cardiac electrophysiology in pre-clinical models

Journal article

O’Shea C. et al, (2022), Scientific Data, 9

Defective iron homeostasis and hematological abnormalities in Niemann-Pick disease type C1

Journal article

Chen OCW. et al, (2022), Wellcome Open Research, 7, 267 - 267

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