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We are one of the top pre-clinical departments in the country with excellent research and teaching facilities and a large and vibrant community of graduate students.

We have around 40 DPhil students and 20 MSc taught course students at any one time who enjoy outstanding facilities. You will also benefit from having close proximity to colleges, libraries and other facilities in the University Science Area.

Thanks to the breadth of research we carry out in the department, we offer projects over a very wide range of topics from calcium signalling to cardiovascular and neuropharmacology. In addition, we provide research opportunities for a range of multi-disciplinary DPhil programmes including biomedical sciences, ion channels and disease, and neuroscience.

On our DPhil programmes, your research will be carried out at Oxford under the supervision of a member of academic staff. You will work in their research group on a project at the forefront of the subject, and at the end of your time with us you will produce a doctoral thesis that represents a significant advance in the field. You will become the world expert in your research area, and you will have demonstrated that you are an original and creative thinker capable of independent scientific work at a very high level.


There are a variety of graduate student research programmes that are hosted in the Department of Pharmacology, as follows:

Information on funding

Criteria for candidates applying for Medical Sciences Graduate School Studentships

For guidance on funding see:


For further information, please the University of Oxford Graduate Studies page or email