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Research groups

Alexander Grassam-Rowe

BA (Hons) (Oxon) Medical Sciences

DPhil student

  • DPhil Student in Lei Group
  • British Heart Foundation Non-Clinical Fellowship as a Studentship
  • BM BCh (on hiatus for DPhil) - Oxford
  • Assistant Dean - Corpus Christi College
  • Post-Graduate Representative to the Medical Sciences Divisional Board

Alex's research

Alex's research focuses on understanding the rhythms of the heart and their pharmacological modulation.

Rhythmic contractions of the heart are essential to most larger complex organisms: circulation of oxygenated and nutrient-rich fluid providing the substrates for continued cell function across the organism. These rhythms can become abnormal in diseases and form a significant part of the mortality and morbidity associated with cardiovascular disease - the biggest cause of global mortality.

Alex is currently taking up funding from a British Heart Foundation Non-Clinical Fellowship (2021-2024) as a Studentship to create novel models of atrial fibrillation using mature hiPSC-derived atrial cardiomyocytes integrated with computational techniques.

Additionally, Alex champions the Lei group's integration of novel bioinformatics techniques across our manifold projects, and is a keen R advocate despite currently teaching himself more advanced Python. Alex teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students in cell culture, cardiac electrophysiology, general coding, and bioinformatics.

Alex matriculated in 2016 at Corpus Christi College for Medicine. Alex achieved a First Class BA in Medical Sciences, following on from his Merits in the previous years and his Exhibition Scholarships at Corpus Christi. Alex was awarded the Andrew Hopley Memorial Prize in his third year for achievement in Medical Sciences.

Outside Alex's research

Alex teaches at the University level for both undergraduate and postgraduate in practicals and seminars, beyond supervising students at these levels in the lab.

Alex holds the role of Assistant Dean at Corpus Christi College, and is the post-graduate representative to the Medical Sciences Divisional Board: where he represents student interests across a range of committees, including the University-level Research and Innovation Committee, at one of the highest positions available for student representatives in the wider University. 

Outside of his work: Alex is improving his European languages, facilitates 'in-depth Fellowships' with the Centre for Effective Altruism, and is taking courses to improve his understanding of economics.