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Barbara Zonta

Teaching Oversight Manager and MSc Course Director

  • Senior Researcher, Minichiello Group

My job is to contribute to the planning, organization, development and teaching of the MSc Pharmacology degree.

The MSc course aims to provide students with the theoretical and practical training to pursue both academic and non-academic careers in Pharmacology. Faculty and administrative members of the Department and the Medical Division all contribute to the teaching programme.

My role is to make sure that the MSc course runs smoothly, from the planning of lectures, modules and practical work to the successful completion of the programme with a viva. The course organization and implementation involve close communication and liaison with faculty members, tutors and administrative staff.

I am also responsible for managing admissions to the course and teaching Pharmacology related topics. I particularly enjoy the day-to-day interactions with the students and I encourage them to be active partners in their learning process.

I rely on students’ feedback to regularly update the course and I make it a priority to keep in touch with them after they leave.

Together with the Head of the Department, we are working to further develop undergraduate courses within Pharmacology and to plan new programmes for the future.

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