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Claudio Cuello

Visiting Professor in Neuropharmacology

  • Professor and Charles E Frosst/Merck Chair in Pharmacology, McGill University, Canada

Dr Cuello has contributed to his field of research with pioneering publications on denditric release of neurotransmitters, the localization and role of central and peripheral neuropeptides, trophic factorinduced repair and synaptogenesis and novel applications of monoclonal antibodies in the neurosciences. During his career he collaborated very closely with Drs. William F. Ganong, Leslie Iversen and Cesar Milstein.
Currently he leads a research team working on multidisciplinary aspects of aging, models of Alzheimer’s disease neuropathology, inflammation, degeneration and repair of the CNS.

He has received numerous recognitions in Canada, such as the Heinz Lehman Award, the Novartis Award and has been named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He is an Honorary Professor at the Norman Bethume University (China) and at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), as well as Doctor Honoris Causa at the Federal University of Ceara (Brazil) and Honorary Doctor in Medicine at Kuopio University (Finland). He was named Highly Cited Neuroscientist by the ISI (Institute of Scientific Information, USA). His scientific accomplishments until 2001 have been summarized in “The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography” (Sponsored by the Society for Neuroscience, USA), ed. Larry R. Squire, Academic Press, NY, and 2001. For his contributions in the Neurosciences and biotechnology and his role in building a successful academic department he was inducted by the Honorable David Johnson, Governor General of Canada, as an Officer of the Order of Canada in May of 2010.