Rebecca M A Sitsapesan

Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology

I hold a BSc in Pharmacology (Aberdeen), an MSc in Cardiovascular Studies (Leeds) and a PhD in Cardiac Physiology and Pharmacology (Strathclyde). My post-doctoral research into ion-channel biophysics began at the University of Glasgow and continued at the National Heart & Lung Institute at Imperial College, London.

In 1991, I was awarded a British Heart Foundation Basic Science Lectureship to investigate the function of cardiac intracellular Ca2+-release channels and a University Lectureship at Imperial College. I moved to Bristol in 2001 and was promoted to Professor of Pharmacology in 2011. In August 2013, I became Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford.

In June 2019, I retired from the Department of Pharmacology and now hold the position of Emeritus Professor.