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Shan Jiang

DPhil student


I completed my undergraduate and master's degree at Fudan University, China. During my master's study in the lab of Prof. Zhi-Li Huang, I explored the roles and neurobiological mechanism of the paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus in the sleep-wake regulation and sevoflurane anaesthesia. In 2022, I was awarded a Medical Science Graduate School Studentship (joint funded by Clarendon Scholarship and LMH Alison Brading Memorial Scholarship) to begin my DPhil study in the Department of Pharmacology in Viney Lab under the supervision of Dr Tim Viney and Prof. Vladyslav Vyazovskiy. My current work focuses on defining the subtype of head-direction cells in the anterior dorsal thalamic nucleus using in vivo extracellular recordings (single-unit and multi-unit recordings) and juxtacellular labelling, with the aim of providing insight into the causes and potential treatment of spatial disorientation in Alzheimer’s' disease.