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Training, mentoring and development

The Department is committed to giving its members access to all the support they need to reach their potential, via training, mentoring, personal and professional development. More>>

Families, childcare and flexible working

Support is available for families and other staff with caring responsibilities, including family leave schemes, guidance and support for carers, a commitment to flexible working for all staff and a family-friendly environment. More>>

Respect, equality and diversity

The Department is committed to creating and fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all. No forms of bullying and harassment are tolerated within Pharmacology and support and training is provided to ensure that all staff are treated equally and with respect. More>>


Staff working in Pharmacology enjoy a range of benefits, from pensions, family leave and childcare support to transport schemes and staff discounts. More>>

Social and culture

A range of University clubs, societies and networks are available for all staff to meet like-minded people from across Oxford. Pharmacology hosts a range of social and networking opportunities for all staff and students and aims to create a happy and fun working environment. More>>