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We are engaged in the investigation of basic questions concerning the interaction of chemical substances with biological systems. 

Several projects are undertaken in collaboration with other departments in the Faculties of Physiological Sciences and Clinical Medicine. The aim is to develop an understanding of fundamental mechanisms in chemical physiology and pathology, in the action of drugs, and in toxicology.

Vascular biology of the TRPM7 chanzyme Professor Rhian M Touyz
Dec 01, 2015 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Pharmacology Lecture Theatre

Entrepreneurship and Business Seminar Series presents Robert Madelin "Complacency or Change? Which is Oxford's Answer to Innovation Challenges"Nov 25, 2015

Multi-year £3.3m extension of strategic alliance with Summit TherapeuticsNov 18, 2015

Fellowship opportunity for career break returnersNov 13, 2015

The Department of Pharmacology is keen to encourage applications from researchers looking to return to science after a career break. The University of Oxford is supporting up to three fellows for a fixed term of two years at 0.5 FTE. Matching funding, support and retraining guidance is provided by the Daphne Jackson Trust. Fellows are hosted within Departments in either the Medical Sciences or Maths, Physical and Life Sciences Divisions, including the Department of Pharmacology.Daphne Jackson Trust