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Session 1

Welcome and introductions:
Chairs: Ken Reid FRS and Howard Clark

Welcome to Department: Antony Galione FRS

9.10  Tony Day From Factor H to TSG-6: a journey influenced by Bob (20 min)

9.30  Simon Clark The role of complement in ocular health and disease (20 min)

9.50  Steve Perkins  Factor H and C3 structure and variants   (20 min)

10.10 Wilhelm Schwaeble Bob and the cross talk between all three pathways of complement (20 min)


Session 4

Chairs: Geza Ambrus-Aikelin and Sotiria Boukouvala 

2.20 Francis Sim Increased prevalence of idiopathic scoliosis in patients diagnosed with haematopoetic malignancy in childhood (15 min)  

2.35 Tim Hickling Immunosafety complements drug discovery and development (20 min)

2.55 Krishna Gulla Vaccine manufacturing process (20 min) NB not available online - contains confidential information 


Session 5

Chairs: Tom Eirik Mollnes and Uday Kishore

3.45 Zihe Rao Structural studies of economically  important viral proteins (20 min)

4.05 Vivek Malhotra Tissue fibrosis (20 min)

4.25 Peter Garred  The lectin pathway of complement: a tour down memory lane (20 min)

4.45 Reinhard Würzner Subtotal deficiencies of factor H, C6 and C7 (20 min)