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As part of the Medical Sciences Division's series on industry collaboration, Pharmacology's Associate Professor Sri Vasudevan shares the important of networking at conferences and listening to a range of views as vital building blocks that can lead to effective commercial partnerships.

"One of the key strategies I use is open communication," said Sri. "I often engage with people informally, without any specific application in mind. This allows me to share my research, gather diverse feedback, and understand different perspectives."

Also Sri highlights in his intrerivew how working with industry can contribute hugely to the career of young researchers and enable them to develop usefu and effective skills, "I encourage my team to spend time at industry sites. This experience helps them understand the work environment outside academia and build valuable networks. It’s excellent for their career development, providing insights into industry expectations and fostering transferable skills"

See the full interview here:

The 'Collaboration in Action' project brings together a collection of stories from academic and professional services staff across the Medical Sciences Division, each sharing their first-hand experience of collaborating, or supporting collaboration, with industry partners. Discover the transformative power of these partnerships, driving innovation and impactful change across medical sciences -