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Development of a cellular model to study the role of CR1 in Alzheimer's disease

Journal article

Cardona F. et al, (2022), European Journal of Human Genetics

Evaluation of a novel variant in CR1 in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Journal article

Szymanski J. et al, (2022), European Journal of Human Genetics

Glucosamine Amends CNS Pathology in Mucopolysaccharidosis IIIC Mouse Expressing Misfolded HGSNAT

Journal article

PLATT F., (2022), Journal of Clinical Investigation

Increasing Diversity in Admissions to Postgraduate Study.

Journal article

Conway SJ. et al, (2022), J Med Chem, 65, 5867 - 5869

Effect of SSRI discontinuation on anxiety-like behaviours in mice

Journal article

Collins H. et al, (2022), Journal of Psychopharmacology

A structural exposé of noncanonical molecular reactivity within the protein tyrosine phosphatase WPD loop

Journal article

Potter BVL. and RILEY AM., (2022), Nature Communications

Endolysosomal calcium release and cardiac physiology.

Journal article

Terrar DA., (2022), Cell Calcium, 104

Hippocampal Over-Expression of Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Is Associated with Susceptibility to Stress-Induced Anhedonia in Mice

Journal article

Strekalova T. et al, (2022), International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23, 2061 - 2061

TMEM16A channel is a key regulator of cerebral blood flow at the capillary level

Conference paper

Ilkan Z. et al, (2022), BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 121, 176A - 176A

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