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Cardiac arrhythmogenesis: a tale of two clocks?

Journal article

Lei M. and Huang CL-H., (2020), Cardiovasc Res, 116, e205 - e209

Novel cardiac cell subpopulations: Pnmt-derived cardiomyocytes.

Journal article

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Nav1.5-E3 antibody inhibits cancer progression

Journal article

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A Protocol for Transverse Cardiac Slicing and Optical Mapping in Murine Heart.

Journal article

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Biochemical studies of membrane fusion at the single-particle level.

Journal article

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Pnmt-Derived Cardiomyocytes: Anatomical Localization, Function and Future Perspectives.

Journal article

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Modernized Classification of Cardiac Antiarrhythmic Drugs.

Journal article

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Late sodium current associated cardiac electrophysiological and mechanical dysfunction.

Journal article

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Sodium channel biophysics, late sodium current and genetic arrhythmic syndromes.

Journal article

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Conference paper

Kruzliak P. et al, (2016), JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION, 34, E138 - E138

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