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Jacob Bradbury

DPhil Chemistry in Cells Student


Jacob is a first year DPhil student on the Wellcome Trust Chemistry in Cells programme. Before starting his DPhil, Jacob read for an MSci Natural Sciences (Biology and Chemistry) at Durham University, graduating in 2021. His research experience is in both preclinical and clinical drug development, having previously worked characterising novel CFTR modulators and on an antifungal clinical trial. During his final year project, Jacob designed and synthesised selective activators of the non-genomic retinoid response co-supervised by Prof. Ehmke Pohl (Structural Biology) and Prof. Andy Whiting (Chemistry).


Jacob is most passionate about rational drug discovery and chemical biology. Supervised by Dr. Thomas Lanyon-Hogg (Department of Pharmacology) and Prof. Timothy Walsh (Oxford Ineos Institute, Department of Biology), Jacob designs and synthesises new antimicrobial agents with novel mechanisms of action. These compounds are designed to overcome and reduce resistance and help to combat the rapidly developing problem of antimicrobial resistance.