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The University’s Vice-Chancellor has this week conferred the title of ‘Professor of Pharmacology’ on Paolo Tammaro.

TammaroPaolo_4097.JPGResearch in the Tammaro laboratory focuses on the ion transport mechanisms (especially ion channels) that control blood vessel function. The group aim to understand how alterations in these mechanisms may lead to human disease and also endeavour to identify small molecules that could interact with vascular ion channels with the goal of modulating blood vessel function for therapeutic benefit.

Paolo also plays a key role in the delivery of teaching on both the MSc in Pharmacology course and for undergraduates on the Medicine and Biomedical Sciences programmes. He is involved in the review and development of modules for these courses and for postgraduate programmes such as the Oxion Wellcome Trust course. He is currently Chair of Examiners for the MSc in Pharmacology course and will take on the role of Pharmacology Director of Graduate Studies from October.

Paolo is a passionate advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion, playing a leading role on our Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team. He is an outstanding mentor for more junior colleagues and has an active involvement in public engagement activities.