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Title compds. [I; 1 of R1, R2 = R5SO2N(R4)L; R4 = H, hydrocarbyl; R5 = hydrocarbyl; L = optional linker group; R1R2 = atoms form a ring; X = S, O, NR6, C(R7)(R8); R6-R8 = H, hydrocarbyl], were prepd. Thus, title compd. (II) inhibited 11β-HSD1 with IC50 = 6.6 μM. [on SciFinder(R)]




indole benzothiazole benzoxazole benzimidazole prepn hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitor metabolic disorder cancer acne treatment arylsulfonylaminobenzazole prepn cushings syndrome obesity diabetes cardiovascular disorder treatment benzazole arylsulfonylamino