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Steroid sulphates are now acknowledged to have an important role as prohormones for the formation of biologically active steroids. Both DHA- sulphate and estrone sulphate appear to be hydrolyzed by the same sulphatase. The development of a potent steroid sulphatase inhibitor will allow a number of important issues with regard to steroid sulphates to be examined. Firstly, the contribution that the formation of estrogen sulphates makes, via the sulphatase pathway to the high concentration of estrogens in breast tumors can be investigated. Secondly, trials with these inhibitors to block the formation of estrogenic steroids (estrone and androstenediol) via the sulphatase pathway can be undertaken. Thirdly, the role that steroid sulphates have in regulating the uptake and formation of biologically active steroids in the prostate can now be evaluated.


Journal article


Drugs of the Future

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673 - 680