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What's new

New study from the Akerman group reveals the developmental origins of higher-order thalamocortical circuits in the brain

A new paper by the Akerman Group is published in the journal Cell Reports this week and reveals how fine scale synaptic connectivity in the adult brain is shaped by events during embryonic development.

Study defines novel kinase substrate tolerance and active-site plasticity

A collaborative chemical biology study from the Potter Group, with the Gonzalez Group at CSIC Madrid, deepens understanding of an enzyme acting upon a crucial cellular messenger.

Amazing Brain Festival at Cheney Secondary School

Pharmacology staff and students contributed to a special afternoon of events last week to engage 200-300 students and families on the theme of the brain organised by their school ‘Rumble Museum’. A team of ten members of our department led by Dr Lizzie Burns developed five zones of activities to engage students with different aspects of neuroscience: memory, focus, build-a-brain, illusion and microscopy.

IntraBio trial makes progress on a potential treatment for Niemann-Pick C

A successful Phase 3 clinical trial of N-acetyl-leucine (NALL) in the lysosomal storage disorder Niemann-Pick disease type C has been published this month in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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