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Clockwise from top left: Dr Anthony Morgan, Hannah Duffy, Rachel Kaye and Marya Sabir - all pictured with Professor Paolo Tammaro

Last week saw the first annual Research Symposium in the Department of Pharmacology. The event, organised by the Research Staff Society, was extremely well attended and featured sixteen high quality presentations from DPhil students and research staff in the Department as well as a range of poster presentations. A busy lunch reception offered the chance to catch up with sponsors Merck, Twist Bioscience, Cryologyx and Novogene. The event concluded with prizes awarded for the best oral presentation and best posters, as follows: Research Staff Best Oral Communication – Dr Anthony Morgan, Galione Group (top left); DPhil Student Best Oral Communication – Hannah Duffy, Platt Group (top right); 1st Prize Poster – Mayra Sabir, Platt Group (bottom left); and 2nd Prize Poster – Rachel Kaye, Tammaro Group (bottom right). The event will be held annually in January to highlight the quality and range of research in the Department.

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